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Himiway Free Tune-up Event in Florida : Ensuring Your E-Bike is Always in Top Shape

Ensuring the longevity and performance of your e-bike requires regular check-ups and maintenance. Himiway’s intentions to support their customers reflect again in the free tune-up event for all Himiway bike owners recently held in Clermont, Florida

At this event, skilled technicians and bike specialists were present to examine any bike models brought and provide reliable solutions. Even non-Himiway bike owners can benefit from these check services and maintenance, available for a small fee. Be sure to use these services to keep your electric bike in top shape before your bike has an issue.

Quick Look Back At The Event

We would like to express our gratitude to all the participants in Clermont who attended the event from June 30th to July 2nd, 2023 at E-GO Depot. Thank you for your presence!

Our main objective remains to ensure that every e-bike is safe and in excellent condition for riders to enjoy smooth and hassle-free rides. To enact this plan, our team of experts was on hand to inspect each bike thoroughly, providing detailed inspections and top-notch services to all attendees. If you were one of the bikers present, you would have had your e-bike checked to guarantee that the brakes were in excellent condition. It was indeed a joyful experience for all who participated.

An experienced team examined each bike's brake pads during the competition to ensure they were in top condition. They promptly changed the brake oil on any bikes that needed it. As a result, all participants left the event with their bikes looking and performing like new. The event also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the participants and left a lasting impact, reminding them of the value of routine bike maintenance and the pleasures of cycling in top shape.

People Behind The Event

Himiway Free Tune-up Event in Florida

"This has been a great event. It's gotten the word out to people that didn't know our shop was here. We were able to connect with the community and other Himiway users. It's been a great experience, and people have loved that our shop is full service and we can handle all of their issues in one shop". – Deborah

The owner of Ego Depot, Deborah Hodge, and her team of bike specialists are highly regarded for their excellent services in Claremont, Florida. With over a year and a half of experience, they recently hosted an event where attendees were impressed by their expertise in e-bikes, scooters, and boards. Their passion and dedication to delivering top-notch services to their customers have contributed to the success of their business.

Happy Customers: Highlight From The Event 

"My name's Lou, and this is Brea Myers. We're from Ocala, Florida. And we got an email from Himiway telling us about the event. We signed up for it. What a wonderful thought that is to do some free maintenance on our bikes after a year and a half." - Lou

Himiway Rider

The event received outstanding reviews as it offered a trade-in program for Himiway customers. Regardless of the brand of their old bikes, customers could exchange them for a brand new Himiway model at a discounted price. Moreover, the program includes exceptional after-sale service. This initiative is an excellent way to encourage customers to try out the latest features and improvements on their electric bikes and select the bike that best suits their needs. 

Overall, seeing our brand go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction is impressive. Because to us, it's not just about making a sale but also creating a positive experience for the customer that will keep them coming back and bringing in new customers through word of mouth. 

Several riders were excited about receiving two personalized zebras for their upcoming adventures. The Free Tune-Up Event presents a great chance to showcase the latest Himiway e-bike models. Customers can explore and test-drive the bikes by exhibiting the latest industry innovations. This display of new Himiway models creates enthusiasm and assures riders that our bikes are dependable and can meet their needs.

Maintenance Tips Advice 

Himiway Free Tune-up Event in Florida

As an electric bike owner, you must prioritize maintenance to ensure optimal comfort and performance. You can proactively identify and address potential issues by conducting routine inspections every few months. Proper maintenance increases your safety on the road and prevents minor concerns from becoming more significant problems. Here are some helpful tips you should consider.

Keep It Clean

Regularly clean your electric bike to prevent dirt, dust, and grime from accumulating on critical components. Use mild detergent and water to wash the frame, and avoid using a high-pressure hose as it may damage sensitive electronics. Wipe down the chain, gears, and brakes with a clean cloth to maintain efficiency.

Inspect the Tires

Check your tires for wear and tear regularly. Properly inflated tires ensure better performance and reduce the risk of punctures. Replace tires that show signs of cracking or excessive wear. Keeping your tires in good condition will enhance your bike's stability and comfort during rides.

Monitor the Battery

The battery is the heart of your electric bike, and proper care is crucial. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for charging and storage. Avoid charging the battery immediately after a ride, as it is best to allow it to cool down. When storing the bike for an extended period, please charge the battery to around 50% and store it in a cool, dry place.

Store Properly

Store your electric bike in a dry and sheltered area when not in use. Avoid leaving it outdoors, exposed to the elements, as this can lead to premature wear and damage.


Himiway's unwavering commitment to e-bike lovers is evident in its pursuit of excellence, offering premium electric bikes and unmatched customer service. We consistently aim to exceed expectations, from designing innovative e-bikes with cutting-edge technology to ensuring customer satisfaction through prompt support and assistance. 

The team at Himiway expresses deep gratitude for the unwavering support of our customers, and we eagerly anticipate the future with exciting new models and thrilling e-bike events. Our success is only possible with the valuable feedback and trust received from our loyal customers.